Garnier Dark Spot Corrector is a moisturizer for daily use that fades age spots, dark spots, acne marks, and discoloration for even skin tone. Such a promise by Garnier is so enticing that I bought the product ($16.99) from the Garnier USA website. I always had a fascination for beauty products and I am seeking a product that would considerably reduce the imperfections that I have on my face and neck – particularly my dark spots. What can this particular Garnier product do?


Garnier Dark Spot Corrector To Reduce Dark Spots

According to Garnier USA’s website, the Dark Spot Corrector decreases the occurrence of dark spots caused by repeated exposure to the environment, aging, previous acne damage, or hormonal fluctuations. What makes this product different from all other products out there? Potent and pure Vitamin C is one major ingredient of this Dark Spot Corrector.


The Role Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C breaks down the dark spots and lifts them away. The Dark Spot Corrector is also easy to use. You only need to apply the product to your neck and face daily. For added protection and for further prevention of the appearance of dark spots, also use Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 28 to help prevent skin discoloration in the future and also for sun protection. Like any other beauty product, you must avoid putting the product on the eye area. You can even apply makeup even after slathering the product on your face.


Pros And Cons Of Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

The consistency of the Dark Spot Corrector serum is gel-like and is runny. My skin is dry so I can appreciate the way the product is applied on my skin. Plus, I love the fresh floral scent that is characteristic of other Garnier products, but others may find the strong scent not to their liking.

In my experience, the negative thing about this product is that it took me a very long time to see results. Moreover, the results are negligible at best. The product may not be effective for me as I experienced occasional skin breakouts by using this product. I think the strong scent may have been a factor on the appearance of pimples. I stopped after consuming an entire tube. A few weeks later, I resumed and I am still awaiting results on the disappearance of my problem spots. I can say, though, that I am no longer experiencing skin breakouts. My skin must have already adjusted to the product.


Final Words

Garnier Dark Spot CorrectorThis product might be great for people who are on the lookout for an affordable spot corrector. However, this product may not be good for people who want to see reversal of sun damage or age spots, people who want to whiten or lighten skin, people who do not want a strong fragrance in their products, or people who want to see immediate results. I can say that the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector is not effective for me and I would suggest consulting with the dermatologist for your problem or purchasing a more expensive product, which may be more effective.